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Elevate your club experience with Trainstop, the comprehensive sports management platform in Australia. Give your club access to new tools for recruiting, training scheduling, performance analytics, and club admin


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How Trainstop Works?

Our mission is to bridge the gap between talent and technology, enabling players at all levels to achieve their ultimate potential.

Player Creates a Profile

When players register they asked to create a playing profile asking them information about their playing history

Connect with Athletes

Once a player registers, Trainstop keeps the athletes engaged with the social feed and daily workouts.

Player Analytics

Give your players access to weekly feedback and view their growth over the course of a season. Get the best value out of your players.

Club Monthly Subscription

With only 1 subscription, clubs gain access to a database of over 3000 athletes. Get an edge for your club today!

Filter for the right athletes

Once a club has registered and paid they can use the platform to filter, find and contact potential recruits for their club

Contact Athletes

Contact athletes through the Trainstop Clubs platform. Athletes receives a notification in only a matter of seconds.

Trusted by the biggest local footy leagues

Experience the platform of choice for the top local football organisations. Our trusted network includes the Australian Football League Sydney, Community Football Leagues, Eastern Football Netball League, and more. They rely on Trainstop for seamless athlete registration, engagement, and data analysis—now you can too.

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